Can we start a Disnerd support group chat each week?

From the popularity of my post today about all of the judgement that surrounds our fandom… I’d say some of us would definitely enjoy this. Sing Disney songs together, review Disney movies, talk about our hopes for the Parks & future series, etc. What do you guys think?! 

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  2. grrawrghh answered: let’s do it
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    good god that’d be like a dream come true this should definitely happen
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    How about we decide on a day to do it to start?!
  6. mr-imagineer answered: Yes! Do it!! :D
  7. 3-rabbits answered: yes
  8. randomayuni answered: omg. yes.
  9. fr4yededges answered: Dude, I’d so be in that.
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  11. rapunzel-the-lost-princess answered: that would be amazing!!!
  12. whaile answered: That doesn’t sound half-bad! I’d join!